About the 100 Club

The club aim is to raise funds for restoration work on Thames Sailing Barge Pudge.

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Rules of the 100 Club

  1. The fee for membership of the Thames Sailing Barge Trust ‘Pudge 100 Club’ shall be £1 per month per share, payable in advance. No member may be admitted to participate in the draw by chance, except after payment.

  2. Membership shall be limited to 100 fully paid members, over 18 years of age. Any number of chances may be purchased, but there is no variation permitted to the monthly subscription.

  3. There will be a maximum of 6 draws annually.

  4. Prizes to be paid as follows:- 1st £50, 2nd  £20, 3rd £10.

  5. No prize will be paid to any member, other than the member holding the winning membership share number.

  6. Share numbers are not transferable, but on members defaulting paying for their allocated number, when called upon to do so, it shall be withdrawn, and may be reallocated to another member.

  7. Draws will take place at a Trust Committee meeting, or other Trust function or meeting as may be decided from time to time.

  8. In the event that the membership of the ‘100 Club’ is less than 100 members the promoter shall be entitled to reduce the amounts of the prizes or number of draws (or both), provided however that in these circumstances the ratio of prize money to subscriptions shall not be affected . In the case of any dispute the committee ruling shall be final.

  9. In the event that the demand for membership of the ‘100 club’ exceeds 100 members, additional members may be admitted up to 50 in number, with a proportionate increase in prize money.

  10. The minimum period of membership is one year.