Our Way of Saying “Thank You” for Helping the Trust

The Trust wishes to encourage its members to play an active role in its work and to reward those who do so. Trust members who volunteer for open days and working groups will receive a credit towards a future sail.

The reward system has a few basic rules:

  1. Each Trust member who works a whole day at an Open day or as part of a formal working group will earn one point in the rewards scheme.

  2. Each Ten points collected will entitle the member to one free say’s sailing on a Trust weekend sail. (i.e. half price for the weekend).

  3. It is the responsibility of the member to keep a record of attendance and the reward must be claimed when booking a sail.

  4. Normally a maximum of two ‘Reward Scheme’ bookings will be accepted on any Trust sail.

  5. The Reward Scheme sail must be claimed in the current year or no later than mid-June the following season

  6. The Reward Scheme does not include days worked as Skipper, Mate, Third-hand or members doing administration or committee work.

  7. Points are not transferable between members.